Who is RedSpeak for?

Speech recognition & RedSpeak digital dictation is developed for every (business) professional who wants to get the most out of his or her working day by having a more efficient (95%), more effective and more comfortable way to create texts and reports. In addition, RedSpeak is for organizations that want to facilitate their staff with tools to make this happen. So RedSpeak helps organisations and employees achieve their goals.

Why still process your required texts in front of your computer with the keyboard? With RedSpeak you can create texts anywhere and at any time using only your voice. Your text will be automatically transcribed by digital dictation + speech recognition. Work more efficiently outside your office by using hours that are otherwise ’empty’, for example between appointments, hands free in the car.


RedSpeak workflow

It really is this simple...

1. You dictate where and when you want.

At the office

Handsfree in the car

Anywhere in the world

2. You dictate using any device what you want.


Digital recorder



3. View, edit and process the full text in the RedSpeak Web portal.

Here you can listen to your dictations and download the full transcription. For example for use in Office applications or in your CRM system. You work together with support staff? Then RedSpeak becomes your collaboration portal. Dictations and automatic transcriptions are also received by your support staff so they can finalize the text where necessary and return it to you for review – all within the portal.

The power of RedSpeak

Accessible on all platforms/devices

RedSpeak is built so you are able to work smarter on any device at any time. That is why RedSpeak is web-based. You have access to RedSpeak with the operating systems: Windows, OSx, iOS, Android and Linux. In addition the interface automatically resizes to the size of the device that you are using so you always get the best user experience.

Branded Web portal

From 25 users RedSpeak offers you the opportunity to choose a branded portal. This enables organizations to integrate their corporate identity in their dictation solution. A branded portal is created by means of logos, a login image, its own URL and branding colours. Additional needs are of course negotiable.

Installation free

For RedSpeak no installations are required on servers or clients. You just have to install the app if you want to record using your Smartphone. RedSpeak is the only dictation solution that does not need to be installed. This saves a lot of time, server space, unnecessary complications and costs. In addition, your organization is automatically ensured of updates and new features. The only thing required for RedSpeak is an internet browser.

Management reports

Are you wondering how many dictations are created, handled and how much time elapsed between them? Starting from 10 users it is possible to receive quarterly management reports. This gives an insight into how your organization is performing and where it can be further optimized.

Collaboration portal + dividing the workload

To further increase efficiency in your organization, RedSpeak’s collaboration portal allows for flexible configurations. Support staff can see the dictations from multiple authors for further processing. This means the workload can be distributed, leading to increased efficiency.

Compatible hardware, browsers and operating systems

RedSpeak works with everything

“Get the most out of your working day, anywhere, at any time” is why our users choose RedSpeak. To realize this broad compatibility with hardware and software is an important aspect of our software. RedSpeak is developed so that you can record on all devices and headsets that work on systems with operating systems from Apple, Windows and Android. In addition, it works on all possible IT environments; locally, in the cloud, Citrix or Windows Terminal Server. Is your device, operating system not listed here? Ask us and if it’s not supported we will see if we can make it supported for you. You are our central focus. Curious if your hardware is compatible? Give us a call.

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